Kuhn’s Jewelers moving because of downtown construction

SALISBURY, Md – The growing pains of downtown Salisbury are causing a long-time staple to move out. Kuhn’s Jewelers announced Monday that October 18th will be their last day at their storied location before they head to Sea Gull Square.

“My dad told me two things about retail and that’s you have to visibility and you have to have accessibility and right now we have neither,” said Susan Purnell,  owner of Kuhn’s Jewelers.

Purnell says ever since the construction moved to the intersection of Main St. and Division St. that business has really taken a hit. That’s why she says they have no choice but to move, despite being in favor of the construction project itself.

“I think it’s one of those unintended consequences of progress. You got a lot going on down here, it’s very exciting and I can’t wait to see what happens downtown, but I can’t live through the construction,” Purnell said.

The good news is Purnell said they only plan on being at Sea Gull Square until the construction is over.

For other downtown businesses though, Kuhn’s deciding to move is a sign of just how bad things have gotten.

“If a long-established business has to move because of the construction, that speaks for itself,” said Nicole Rogers, at Angello’s Scoops. “There have been days when they’ve blocked off the front completely or they’ve blocked off the side over there and we’ve actually had to put signs up to get them to go to another door, so foot traffic is practically non-existent.”

Despite the headaches though, all businesses 47 ABC spoke with say it will be worth it once the construction is finished.

“I’m looking forward to it 10 you can’t be in a city and not have progress and if they weren’t investing time and money to fix these roads they’d fall apart,” said Shawn Rogers, owner of Kaiju Records.

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