Haunted Delmarva: Mar-Va Theater

POCOMOKE, Md. – If you want to step back in time, look no further than the Mar-Va Theater in downtown Pocomoke.

Mindie Burgoyne, author of Haunted Lower Eastern Shore said, “It’s kind of a mysterious place.”

This theater, which was built in the 1920s, is one of the few existing links to Pocomoke’s past, so it’s no wonder that this building carries countless tales of frightening hauntings.

Burgoyne said, “This theater is one of the few places that I’ve had an experience.”

Burgoyne says this historic theater is believed to be haunted in part by the people who helped bring it back to life.

“Two of the people that were very influential in restoring it were former mayors,” she said.

Mayors Dawson Clark and Curt Lippoldt played a vital role in reopening this theater in the early 2000’s.

“It was after these two mayors passed away that the activity happened,” Burgoyne said.

One employee told Mindie about a frightening experience she had when she came in for work one day.

Burgoyne said, “She said she walked into the theater and unlocked the door and then as soon as she walked into the theater and propped the doors open all of the toilets flushed.”

That employee told Mindie she wasn’t surprised this happened while she was alone.

Burgoyne said, “She says the people that are alone are the ones that are most exposed to this.”

While the toilets flushing was certainly a hair-raising event, it was nothing compared to what that same employee experienced later on.

Burgoyne said, “There was no one in the theater, she was closing up after a movie and she heard something backstage.”

The employee checked backstage, walked back out to the front and couldn’t find what made the noise.

“Then she walked back through that door and into the theater she saw a girl, a little girl standing right in that aisle, and she was so frightened by it and then she vanished,” Burgoyne said.

She saw an apparition…of who? We may never know.

Burgoyne said, “There was another girl who was working here, not Ally, who said that she was locking up and she heard something in the theater and it was a scream, like a terrible scream. She opened up the door and there was nobody there.”

That employee could never figure out who or what made that horrible scream, but the experiences here aren’t just limited to sights and sounds. Many people  have had physical encounters as well.

Burgoyne said, “There was a cleaning lady who gave commentary that said she was cleaning the stage and the curtain started to like wrap around her and envelop her and she couldn’t get out.”

That woman never came back to the theater alone. As for Mindie, she had her own physical encounter when she was at the theater to watch a play her granddaughter was taking part in.

Burgoyne said, “I had a backpack on my shoulder as I was talking to them and then I felt someone walk behind me and push me into the, you know like they were trying to get by but there wasn’t enough room and pushed the backpack off my shoulder and I turned around and there was no one there.”

Mindie can’t explain who tugged her or why. All she knows is something with enough power to make itself known is haunting this theater.

“It certainly has a lot of activity communicated by unrelated sources over a period of time, which is usually a sure indication that you’ve got something going on,” she said.

The theater’s current owner says she hasn’t experienced anything yet.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Mar-Va Theater or any other paranormal activity in Pocomoke, you can attend one of Mindie Burgoyne’s ghost tours. Just simply look up ChesapeakeGhosts.com and book your trip.

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