Governor Hogan announces series of actions regarding Bay Bridge project

MARYLAND – At a Board of Public Works meeting Wednesday morning, Governor Larry Hogan announced a series of actions that his administration is going to take to expedite the Bay Bridge rehabilitation project.

Hogan says that MDOT will make every effort to expedite the project, including having crews working 24 hours a day. MDTA is also working to eliminate toll booths and move to all-electronic tolling on the bridge ASAP. MDOT, SHA, and the Maryland State Police will assist in improving the flow and direction of traffic, while traffic engineers will work with nearby county leaders to find a solution and balanced approach to both westbound and eastbound traffic approaching the bridge.

Hogan also says that administration officials will work to redouble efforts to seek input from local leaders and residents.

It was also added that due to deteriorating conditions on the bridge, delaying this work any further would turn this project into a more involved one that would cost eight times more and would take five years to complete.

“I will continue to push the entire state government to do everything possible to mitigate the pain, shorten the time frame, and expedite the completion of safety repairs,” Hogan said in a statement.

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