A year later, many still unsure about MD move over law

MARYLAND – Almost 10 years after Maryland put their move over law in place requiring drivers to move a lane over when police have someone stopped, shockingly many still don’t know it exists.

“People are not moving over like they should and they are being stopped every single day for the violation and many of them are totally unaware of this law,” said Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis.

47 ABC went out on the street to talk to the public and out of the 12 people we spoke with, six people knew about the law by name, and another two said they knew about the law after we explained it to them.

“It’s pretty terrifying depending on the time of day and weather conditions we constantly have to have our head on a swivel,” said Pfc. Adeline Boyd with the Salisbury Police Department.

One year ago this month Maryland expanded the law to cover service vehicles, such as trash trucks, construction vehicles and more. When we asked our 12 about that, only one knew about the law change.

That’s why Maryland State Police are pushing an awareness campaign to let people know about the law. To move over,  and if you can’t, just slow down.

“You have to slow down considerably so you go by at a safe speed, if you cannot safely move over there is another safe alternative cause what we don’t want to have happen is for someone to cause an accident trying to get over into the other lane,” said Lt. Tim Robinson with the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office.

If you’re caught the fines are pretty hefty, the first offense is a fine of $110 dollars and one point. However, if the violation contributes to a traffic crash the fine is $150 dollars and three points. And if the crash results in a death or serious injury, the fine then jumps to $750 and three points, along with any other charges you may face.


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