85 Cats rescued from PA home, 10 brought to Georgetown


GEORGETOWN, Del. – Ten cats are now in Georgetown awaiting their forever homes, after 85 cats were rescued from a home in Pennsylvania.

“It was 87 animals total, one dog, one deceased cat, and 85 live cats,” Chris Farrall, Senior Operations Manager at the Brandywine Valley SPCA, said.

All of those animals were taken from a home in Phoenixville that was simply filthy.

“It was pretty horrific conditions for animals to be living in, a lot of fecal matter and just really unkempt, unsanitary conditions,” Farrall said.

Once rescued, those cats needed help and shelter, and that’s when the Brandywine Valley SPCA stepped in.

“85 cats is a lot, so we are blessed to have a few different facilities to be able to spread it out a little bit, but it does put some added stress on us,” Farrall said.

Now, with that added stress, the SPCA is asking you for one thing.

“For the community to come out and adopt and give some deserving pets homes so that we can continue to do what we do and bring in more cats that are in need,” Farrall said.

To find more information about adopting one of these cats, you can head to the Brandywine Valley SPCA’s website. Or, to make a donation for this particular case, click here.

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