Wicomico Middle School takes “welcome back” up a notch

SALISBURY, Md. – The weather was great for the first day of classes at Wicomico Middle School on Wednesday. But we all know that time in a child’s life can be a little awkward and maybe full of uncertainty. That’s why community leaders took things up a notch this morning hoping to start the school year off on the right foot.

“We just love the energy. We love the enthusiasm. We love the encouragement,” says Tara O’Barsky, the principal of Wicomico Middle School.

“It was our job, I think, to get them to smile and lighten up and just enjoy the moment in the day of this first day of their back to school,” says Pastor Martin Hutchison with the Community of Joy Church.

Community leaders, school staff and teachers lined the front of the building cheering and dancing as kids got off the bus. “They showed up here with their pom-poms and we had bubbles and music and pencil grams and it’s just been a great start to the year,” says O’Barsky.

Principal Tara O’Barsky says she hopes this kind of welcome back inspires her students to reach their fullest potential. “We have students here with English language learner needs and we have just a very diverse population and we want those students to know that they have the potential to be anything they want to be.”

Community leaders tell 47 ABC they also want teachers to know that they’re supported. “Teachers have a really important job in the life of our community. They are shaping our future leaders, our future workers, our business leaders all of that and we need to appreciate the job that they do and it’s not easy,” says Hutchison.

Wicomico Middle also got some upgrades this summer: the gym floor was redone and a secured vestibule was put in at the entrance. Principal O’Barsky says improvements like these boost students’ confidence and make them proud of their school.

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