The Brightside: 12-year-old trades playtime for community service

SALISBURY, Md. – At first glance, Aniyah Cropper looks like your typical 12-year-old. She enjoys unicorns, journaling and all things Harry Potter… but if you sit down with her, you’ll learn there’s much more to Aniyah than meets the eye.

Cropper said, “I’ve always been really active in my community but I think where I kind of peaked was when I was in fourth grade maybe.”

From an early age, Aniyah Cropper has been trading playtime for community service.

Cropper said, “Being more involved in your community at this age helps you be even more involved when you’re older.”

One way Aniyah makes a difference in her community is through her love of literature.

Cropper said, “I love reading because it just allows everyone to escape to a different world. It’s very calming too.”

Aniyah tells us one day, a teacher told her about the illiteracy rate in America. For a girl who spends hours of her day reading, the statistics upset her.

Cropper said, “I was just shocked about how much illiteracy is uncommon and common in the America area.”

So doing what she does best, Aniyah took action.

Cropper said, “I decided that I wanted to do something about it, so every maybe month or so we will do a book swap at school and I will trade books with kids from like so if they have old raggity books I will give them new more fresh ones.”

But Aniyah has done more in her short life than just promote literacy. She has also competed in pageants both on a national and local level and won.

Cropper said, “I am okay with being in front of a lot of people and being able to discuss my opinions which is very key and vital in pageants.”

In 2019, Aniyah served as the Young Miss Delmarva. In February, she was crowned Pure International Pre-Teen America in Florida. As a pageant queen, Aniyah is responsible for volunteering even more than she already has.

Aniyah explained, “I did bell ringing around Christmas time all of those were for the Salvation Army for my Delmarva sash.”

Even in Aniyah’s off time, she is still working to inspire others, using her blog to send messages to the masses.

Cropper said, “If you have a message that you want to spread, the more publicity you have the easier it will be to go around.”

Perhaps that is what Aniyah is all about. Spreading a message of love and community service, and encouraging others to do the same.

Cropper said, “I think there is so much more that you can do that everyone can do, starting from small things.”

On top of everything, Aniyah is in the Talented and Gifted Program at her school, and she excels in gymnastics.

Aniyah tells 47ABC she plans on becoming a forensic scientist in the future. With her work ethic and determination, we’re sure she will get there.

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