Summer coming to a close in Ocean City

OCEAN CITY, Md. – Nice weather brought thousands of people out to Ocean City this weekend to enjoy the final few days of summer before school starts.

“It’s like our Super Bowl for the summertime here in ocean city, everybody looks forward to it,” Shane Vansciver, manager of Dry 85 and Red Red Wine Bar, said. “It’s a huge weekend for Ocean City.”

A huge weekend that brings in big bucks for hotels and restaurants in the resort town.

“Labor Day Weekend, especially this year because the weather has been so good, has been a real boom to the economy here,” Shawn Harmon, the owner of Fish Tales, said.

For one last time, businesses were able to enjoy a boost in sales – before thousands of people head home for the final time this summer – taking their wallets with them.

“It’s the last good hurrah for our local folks to make some money,” Harmon said.

But while thousands pack their bags and leave Ocean City, locals, who stay here year-round, will finally have the space to enjoy Ocean City and all the deals made especially for them.

“We try to make sure that the locals come in more often because they’ve been shut out by the masses, and this way we can try to treat our local people to something,” Harmon said.

“You’ll now see a lot of local people come out who otherwise wouldn’t over the summertime, and we love the locals here, it’s a super fun time, because we know a lot of those people and they come in, and it’s always good to see them as well,” Vansciver said.

But if you’re not ready for summer to end just yet, don’t worry, restaurants in the city say you can still squeeze a little bit more out of the season before the official end.

“We have bike week and Sun fest, and then after sun fest that’s kind of the official end of summer,” Harmon said.

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