State officials encourage county to participate in Census

GEORGETOWN, Del. – Delaware state and federal leaders are doing everything they can to make sure every person is counted in the 2020 U.S. Census.

“We have a responsibility in our local communities to really help get out the word, to help encourage people to participate,” said the Hard to Count Population Subcommittee Co-Chair, Sheila Bravo.

On Monday, U.S. Senator Tom Carper called on Sussex County residents plus undocumented immigrants to participate in the census.

“This is one of the largest counties in America,” said Carper.

“It’s a rural county and people are spread out and it’s a little more difficult to reach people,” said Carper.

The problem is that if they do not reach them that means less money for improvements.

“There’s so much that can’t be done in schools regarding public transit and human services if we don’t count everyone,” said Jennifer Fuqua, the executive director at La Esperanza.

That is why state officials have formed a Census Complete Count Committee to encourage more census participation within the community.

“We are out there talking to our families, answering their questions, helping them to understand the importance of being counted,” said Fuqua.

La Esperanza, a community center for immigrants in the area, like many other organizations are working closely with state officials to get more people to participate.

“They’re the trusted voices,” said Bravo, “The people here in the community with the nonprofit organizations.”

Volunteers say some immigrants are afraid to be counted for fear of what might happen if they give their information to the government, but officials say they need not worry.

“Their confidentiality will be respected,” said Bravo.

Local organizations will work closely with state officials within the coming weeks and months to make sure that everyone is counted.

Delaware state officials say they also depend on the census for things like new roads, schools, libraries, emergency services and more.

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