Salisbury Police awarded $13k grant for highway safety

SALISBURY, Md. – A new grant is helping Salisbury Police crack down on dangerous drivers.

The department was awarded a $13,000 grant, which they say will help them put more patrol officers throughout the city.

Those officers will be keeping an extra eye out for intoxicated drivers, aggressive drivers, and distracted drivers.

And while this grant money has been awarded in previous years, police tell 47 ABC it’s helpful, adding that they’ve seen a noticeable decrease in dangerous drivers.

“We have experienced great success wit this grant and the money that has come in years past, deploying our officers, and we’ve seen a great reduction in DUIs, distracted driving, as well as some of the aggressive driving that we have in our city,” Captain Rich Kaiser said.

Police say this grant money goes into effect on October first.

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