Renovated shelter gives animals a new “leash” on life

GEORGETOWN, Del. – The entire community came out to celebrate the grand reopening of the Brandywine Valley SPCA location in Georgetown on Saturday. Those in attendance tell 47 ABC, this renovation is significant in more ways than one.

“Today’s the culmination of two years of very hard work to improve this facility,” says Linda Torelli, the director of marketing for the Brandywine Valley SPCA (BVSPCA).

Renovations to the Brandywine Valley SPCA in Georgetown are finally complete. “It used to be a dark and gloomy place. It needed a lot of repairs. We took it over from another organization and really made it a place of hope,” says Torelli.

The shelter went from an old run down building to a beautiful temporary home complete with landscaping, fenced yards outside and kennels that officials believe will improve the entire adoption process.

“For the housing for the cats we now have free roam rooms. The dogs have much less stressful kennels. There’s frosting on the front which makes it less stressful for them and glass doors which are better for their health,” says Torelli.

Perhaps the biggest transformation is the former crematorium, that now serves as a community room. “When we came into this facility, one of the biggest changes we made for Sussex County, is bringing a no kill shelter into the area. When we came in and had a crematorium in our building we did not need it,” says Torelli.

Locals tell 47 ABC you almost can’t recognize the building after all the changes. “It’s a major transformation not only aesthetically and architecturally but inside it’s much more conducive to appropriate care for the animals,” says Jodie Connelly, a Selbyville resident who adopted a dog from the shelter three years ago.

The hope is these improvements will lead to more animals finding their forever homes. “I can attest that the quality of my life and his life has improved since we’ve been united. I always feel like he adopted me, says Connelly.

One of the most unique parts about the renovated shelter is that they also host educational classes for kids to make sure that they know how to properly care for pets. The shelter also offers low cost veterinarian services to anyone in the community.

Currently, they have a Hurricane Dorian special going on right now called “Furricane” Dorian because so many animals were evacuated due to the storm. You can adopt any large adult dog or any cat 6 months or older with no fee.

For more information about the shelter and how to adopt: click here.

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