Rehoboth beach businesses have ‘mixed feelings’ about new summer parking changes

REHOBOTH BEACH, Del. –¬†Businesses in Rehoboth Beach aren’t happy with some parking changes that affected their bottom line this summer and now they’re letting the town know about it. One of the biggest changes business owners saw was the three hour metered parking in the downtown district. Apparently before people would be able to pay and spend all day in those parking spaces. But now that it’s changed, a number of businesses have brought some complaints to the parking committee’s attention. They say the new rule has deterred customers from shopping in their stores, but there are some who say they weren’t affected and we got a chance to speak with both parties earlier today.

“I think they felt like they Would get out of the car, maybe set up on the beach and then already they had to run back to the car and either move or put more money in. So we heard a lot of complaints but it didn’t have a huge effect on our business,” said Quiet Storm Surf Shop manager, Brittany Werner.

The parking committee will be holding a meeting on Thursday morning at 9 to address meter concerns,and take suggestions from business owners.

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