Ocean City Mayor: H2Oi car show placed town under siege

OCEAN CITY, Md. – Following this weekend’s unrest in Ocean City, officials are doing everything they can to keep a controversial car show away from the resort town.

“Everything is going to be on the table as we have discussions, further these discussions over the next months to plan for what we’re going to do in the future,” said Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan.

This weekend, thousands of H2Oi car show fans raised havoc on the streets. Some even went a step further throwing rocks and bottles at police.

It is a situation town officials say has seriously gotten out of hand.

“The level of disrespect is something that we had never seen, a level of disrespect towards law enforcement,” said Ocean City Police Chief Ross Buzzuro.

Ocean City Police Chief Buzzuro says they arrested 121 people over the weekend and although they do their best to keep things under control, it simply is not enough.

“No, we’re not gonna be able to keep them away,” said Buzzuro.

“We prepared for this as we do year after year, and we’re already starting to prepare and trying to figure out what we can do next year,” said Buzzuro.

That is why town officials agreed on Monday saying that things like an increase in fines for speeding violations should be considered while ultimately calling on Governor Larry Hogan for help.

“Mayor Meehan brought up the possibility of a state of emergency,” said Senator Mary Beth Carozza.

“We will do whatever it takes to protect the people, the residents, the visitors of Ocean City,” said Carozza.

“The process never ends,” said Buzzuro.

The police chief says that none of his officers were seriously injured this weekend, despite reports of attacks.

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