Inaugural EcoFest draws dozens of visitors


PRESTON, Md. – Dozens of people gathered in Preston on Saturday for a one-of-a-kind event that was all about making our Earth a better place.

“I’m not waiting for somebody else to do something I can do, and that’s what we hope to encourage today,” Suzy Staehlin, Chairperson for EcoFest, said about the event. “EcoFest 2019 is our first ever party. I like to think of it as a party. Its a celebration of the creation of the beautiful world around us.”

“We all have so much plastic in our lives, and we might use it for 5 or 10 minutes, like a straw you use for 5 or 10 minutes and throw away, and its piling up,” Linda Pevey, a Pastor at Bethesda United Methodist Church, said. “It’s hard to believe that straws pile up, but they do.”

Activities at the event included a fish mobile, where kids could go inside a 30-foot bus and look at fish and crabs that live in rivers. Kids could also make hearts that will later be put on an environmental statue in Denton.

And the lessons of the day stuck with the kids, who talked about what they learned and why it was important.

“I’ve seen people talk about how the ecosystem is affected by a whole lot of trash and the failure to recycle,” one kid, Logan, said.

“Maybe you can’t completely eliminate single use plastic from your life but surely we can all reduce,” Pevey said.

So organizers left participants with one message:

“What we do doesn’t just effect us, it effects the animals, it effects the Earth, it effects the air we breath,” Pevey said. “It’s not the animals that are making the trash and polluting the water, it’s human beings.”



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