Hispanic Festival returns to Georgetown

GEORGETOWN, Del. – Thousands of people came out to Georgetown in celebration of Hispanic Heritage on Sunday.

People say this one Hispanic Festival gets bigger and better every year. They say the food and the music reminds them of what the left back in their home country.

People from across Delmarva say this annual event is a chance for them to enjoy the different cultures Latinos share on the peninsula.

“They’re a lot more family-oriented and they get together and have stuff like this all the time,” said Louie Alberigo, a Salisbury resident.

“A lot of races and a lot of cultures get together and that’s what makes it special,” said Erick Lopez, a Millsboro resident.

The Latino community in Sussex County has grown significantly in recent years, representing almost 10 percent of the population, according to 2018 U.S. Census estimates.

“It really brings our community together. It highlights our differences, but yet let’s everyone know how we can get along and everyone just works well together in that real sense of community,” said the Georgetown Police Department Chief R.L. Hughes.

Attendees add that this festival is a reminder that the Town of Georgetown is unique and represents something special for Sussex County.

“Just that understanding that we are Georgetown and this is our community,” said Hughes.

“Yes, we may sound and look different, but at the same time we are Georgetown and we are Sussex County,” said Hughes.

Some of the proceeds collected at the festival will go towards La Esperanza, a community center that supports thousands of immigrant every year in Georgetown.

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