Folk Fest braces for Hurricane Dorian’s potential side effects

SALISBURY, Md. – “With Hurricane Dorian out there in the Atlantic, it’s something obviously we think about and are watching closely,” said Salisbury Mayor Jake Day.

With three days left before the National Folk Festival kicks off, emergency and city officials are on high alert as they monitor Hurricane Dorian’s each and every move. Watching the storm to see if it’ll have any impact on the three day festival.

“We are taking it hour by hour so that we can adjust procedures and make the right call as we get closer to the event,” said Folk Festival Chair Caroline O’Hare.

On Tuesday, officials held one of their many safety briefings in preparation for the folk festival. Making sure protocols are in place if the weather gets out of hand.

“We’re connecting the manufacturers and the assemblers of our tents with our emergency operations teams so that they can discuss how much wind a tent that’s staked in can sustain,” said Day.

“The wind rating for our larger tents I believe are at 80 MPH, our smallest tents I think the wind ratings are around 60 to 65 MPH and these are again things we have to monitor,” O’Hare.

For now officials the weather we could see mainly on Friday isn’t a threat.

“What we may see is wind up to 20 MPH which is still very slow and frankly not a big concern for us,” said Day.

“With the tropical storm, winds are much slower than that wind rating so we feel very confident,” said O’Hare.

But whatever happens, officials say they’re preparing for the worst but hoping for the best.

“We want to make sure that every scenario is thought through and we have the assets in place to respond to anything that might happen and yes that even includes weather,” said Day.

Festival officials say this is a rain or shine event. So if there is some nasty weather, the show will go on. For more information on the event and performances, click here.




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