Crisfield residents brace for potential tropical storm, begin flooding preparations

CRISFIELD, Md. – “You’ve got to prepare for the worst but you hope that it’s not as bad as it seems,” said Stanley Brown.

Residents in Crisfield are taking no chances this time around as the potential to get hit with a tropical storm grows near. Which is why city officials are urging everyone to take precautions now, instead of regretting it later.

“We do expect some high winds so we encourage everybody to batten down everything in their yards, put their trash cans up next to their house so they don’t blow away,” said Crisfield City Manager, Rick Pollitt.

But their biggest concern? Flooding. Officials tell 47 ABC with the weather they’re expected to get, there’s a greater chance for street flooding, and possibly more.

So to help, they’ve been offering free sand bags and sand to those who want to protect themselves from any water damage.

“The water rises around here really bad You know water damage is no joke, especially to a business,” said Brown.

“It’s just to be on the safe side you never know if we do get it or not,” said Corey Marshall.

On top of those free sandbags, city officials also opened the old Carvel Hall Cutlery building for people who want to move their cars to higher ground. And it was an offer people just couldn’t pass up.

“You don’t want to have to take out claims or fight to get stuff done when you can just prepare and have it done before hand,” so Brown.

But other residents we spoke to say they’re not so worried about the storm or flooding, and say it’s something they’ve just gotten used to.

“That’s normal around here you know high tides or whatever it’s just another day,” said Wayne Johnson.

“We might get some flooding from the backside when the wind blows across from the west but I don’t think it’s going to be that bad,” said James Reese.

But whatever the case may be, city officials say they just want everyone to stay safe.

“We don’t expect a huge problem, but we like to be prepared we don’t take anything for granted in Crisfield,” said Pollitt.

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