Community rallies to plan future of historic structure

FAIRMOUNT, Md. – Dozens came out for the Fairmount Academy meeting Sunday night in Somerset County, hoping to be a part of the renovation efforts.

As of right now the building needs new window panes to keep the birds out who have made the top floor their home.

One of the longer term goals is to have the downstairs cleaned up and ready for a Christmas party or fundraisers later this year.

Before reaching that goal, organizers will need to establish a 501-c3 non-profit to qualify for grant funding.

Organizers say this building is an important piece of history because many in the area have family members who once attended this academy.

“They can come here, they can research the history of it, they can probably find their relatives in the books. So I think it would just give this community that to have and just enjoy it,” said organizer Tracy Pollitt.

The long-term goal is to completely renovate the building and see the 1800s festival return to the area in the coming years.

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