Winemakers looking forward to harvest, say they’re doing ‘better than ever’

WHALEYVILLE, Md. – Local wine makers here on the shore are breathing a sigh of relief as they head into this harvest season, that’s because so far mother nature is treating them pretty well and they say if this continues this could be one of their best seasons yet.

“Last year was a total bust for us, this year has been great,” said Costa Ventosa Vineyard Owner

Sunny skies plus warm weather all summer long is the perfect recipe for a successful harvest for local vintners here on the shore.

“We’ve had a lot more sun, warm weather and a lot less rain. Right now they’re looking fantastic. They are starting to ripen,” said Lord.

It’s a stark contrast to what winemakers were feeling like last year. Disappointed and defeated as the summer rain washed away all their hard work and ruined their grapes.

“The past couple of seasons have been a little difficult because we’ve had a lot of rain,” said Windmill Creek Vineyard & Winery owner Brittany Mariner.

“When we have bad weather around here it really takes a real harsh toll On our vines and so some of our vines we’ve lost over the past couple of years,” said Costa Ventosa Vineyard Taste Room Manager Diana Pastella.

But there are still challenges winemakers have to deal with like humidity that can severely damage these grapes.

“The humidity plays a role in the fungus that grows on the plants, we have a lot of dewy and powdered mildew it just means I have to spray a lot more of fungicide so it kills all the mildew,” said Lord.

But despite these obstacles, vintners say they’re just happy to finally see a good season.

“We’ve had some really bad years and it’s really good to have a good year for a change,” said Lord.

Local winemakers add that while nothing is for certain and they’re keeping their fingers crossed that the good weather will stay and their harvest will be sweet.



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