Volunteers save 68 dogs from high-kill shelters

MILFORD, Del. – “All these animals are innocent,” said the Grassroots Rescue Founder, Karli Crenshaw.

“They didn’t ask to be put in this situation or ask to be neglected or abandoned,” said Crenshaw.

Nearly 70 dogs are now in good hands thanks to the efforts of one Grassroots Rescue in Milton, rescuing them from high-kill shelters.

These dogs came to the Avenue Veterinary Clinic in Milford from overcrowded shelters in Georgia and South Carolina that euthanize animals to make room for more.

“They don’t stand much of a chance of being adopted out down there, so we were hoping to be able to help save them, and maybe make some room for others by bringing them up here,” said Crenshaw.

People like Crenshaw, the founder of the rescue, says these four-legged friends came from deplorable conditions adding that many of them are in need of medical care.

“Two had skin conditions,” said Crenshaw, “One has mange, and one had like a bacterial infection and then one had an infection on both of his eyes.”

“The shelters are loud, there’s tons of barking, lots of anxiety,” said the Owner of Avenue Veterinary Clinic, Mallory Alexander.

“The dogs don’t know why they’re there, what’s going on,” said Alexander.

So, these dogs will be taken into foster families where they will get the love and attention they need until they find their forever home. It is a task these volunteers say is not easy.

“It’s a roller coaster emotionally, but in the end it’s worth it when they finally do find their homes,” said Montana Weidlein, a Bridgeville resident.

“So, that’s why I keep doing it, and once they finally find where they’re meant to be, it’s definitely worth it,” said Weidlein.

Despite the challenges, volunteers say, they hope to save as many dogs as they can while making an impact in their community.

These dogs rescued from the shelters will now be waiting for adoption. To find out how you can support Grassroots Rescue, click here.

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