Vigil held for children killed in Long Neck fire

LONG NECK, Del. – A grieving community is taking steps to move forward after suffering a tragic loss.

After three children died in a Wednesday fire, the Long Neck community was searching for a way to help and show support.

“We’re a small community, and everybody has been devastated by this, and I just needed to help,” Christine Clark, who runs Snow Balls, said.

Searching for a way to help, a local pastor and community members stepped up, found a gravel lot on Long Neck Road, and found a way to bring dozens of grieving people together.

“It didn’t surprise me at all that once we put it out that there was going to be a vigil tonight, that the response was overwhelming,” Lee Andrea Parks, a local Pastor, said.

It was a night for neighbors and first responders to come heal, and share memories of Skylar, Veronica, and Amaya, the three children who were taken too soon.

“We had went and we played soccer with them, and you know, my two defense, were the twins, and you know they stood there, and we bonded,” Jacob Klingler, with the Indian River Fire Department, said.

But also a night to give thanks, and say prayers, for the first responders who are healing from this tragedy themselves.

“When we went in and they found the two children in the back, it takes a toll on the firefighters, especially when it’s children,” Hayden Klingler, with the Indian River Fire Department, said.

And while the community says they’re still grieving, Thursday’s vigil marked a small step in moving forward together.

“For the community, be there, not just today, and not just tomorrow and next week, but this is going to be a long term thing,” Parks said.

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