Trump admin announces rule that could limit legal immigration

DELMARVA – The Trump administration has announced a new regulation that could limit legal immigration in the United States and affect hundreds here on Delmarva.

The so-called public charge rule would essentially ensure immigrants can support themselves financially making it easier to reject green card and visa applications.

The rule would also likely make it harder for low-income immigrants to come to the United States.

U.S. immigration officers will now weigh public assistance as well as education, household incomes and health to determine whether to grant legal status.

Local immigration attorney Steven Planzer tells 47ABC, right now many immigrants do not make a livable wage making it even more difficult for them to get permanent residency in the future.

“They’re probably working for minimum wage at times they’re maybe working part-time,” said Planzer.

“I don’t really know, but without looking at the numbers, a lot of them will struggle to meet this new requirement,” said Planzer.

The new rule takes effect 60 days from Tuesday, when it is published in the federal register.

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