Sen. Coons Town Hall brings talk of guns and immigration

MILFORD, Del. – The two topics that got the biggest response from the crowd at Sen. Chris Coons’ town hall Wednesday in Milford were gun control and immigration.

On the issue of immigration and the border, Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.) said the answer lies somewhere in the middle of what far-right-wing Republicans want and what far-left Democrats want.

“I don’t think the left end of my party or the right end of the other party has all the answers on this, I think there is an answer on this and it’s in the center, but if we think we can pretend we can be a nation with wide-open borders we can’t,” said Sen. Coons.

Sen. Coons also added the country must focus on both strengthening border security and also creating better pathways to citizenship for people that are willing to come into this country and work hard.

Another issue that came up at the town hall was gun control.

Two people 47 ABC spoke with at the town hall said they were there because the felt the senator and other Democrats have been trying to take guns out of law-abiding citizen’s hands.

However, that’s not what Sen. Coons said he wants to be done.  Instead, part of the answer the senator says he would like to see is getting the bi-partisan legislation regarding background checks that he’s co-sponsored.

The NICS Denial Notification Act, which is currently in the senate’s judiciary committee, would require reports be made to state and local law enforcement authorities of cases in which someone who is prohibited from buying a firearm tries to purchase a weapon legally.

“If you lie and try to buy a gun even though you’re a person prohibited by law nothing is done with that information, every chief of police I’ve met within Delaware, the state, county, municipal wants to know that information because its a great predictor that you’re going to try to go get a gun another way,” said Sen. Coons.

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