Seaford community leaders welcome kids back to school

SEAFORD, Del. – Kids are headed back to school and that means it’s time to get motivated to study and to grow. But to do that, sometimes you need a little push. That’s why dozens of men and women gathered to encourage Seaford Students, on Tuesday, as they made their way back to class for the first time this new school year.

One by one our future doctors, engineers, authors and maybe even Presidents of the United States handed out high fives to community leaders who spent the morning welcoming every student, across Seaford, back to school.

That’s what it was meant to be about. The community coming together to welcome our students back, the staff and just cheer them on and say, ‘Hey we celebrate you. We are here for you. We want you to have a great start of the school year,'” says Jeffrey Benson, a Seaford community leader and school board member.

It was clear by the kids’ expressions that this simple gesture meant more than you could ever imagine. “They were super excited. The kids were coming off the bus, high fiving. Some of them were breaking my hand, they were hitting so hard,” says Matt MacCoy, a Seaford Coucilman.

“It’s always fun to experience the high fives. You see these tears and then they turn into smiles. It’s always just an exciting time for them,” says Precious Benson, a parent and volunteer.

Unfortunately, positivity doesn’t always follow these kids when they leave school. “Not everybody has that at home. Not everyone has a person to look up to,” says Precious Benson.

“I think it’s good for our young people to see positive role models,” says MacCoy.

They say this is just one way to start the school year off on a high note. “I think it’s a great opportunity for our community to show the students and say, ‘Hey we are together. We are stronger together than we are apart.’ And I think it’s a really good message for our children,” says MacCoy. “It’s a great day to wrap out arms around the community.”

Organizers and volunteers tell 47 ABC that this welcoming event is a way to show students, teachers and staff, as well as parents that they are supported all year long.

This was the 4th annual Welcome Back to School event in Seaford. Organizers say more and more volunteers participate each year.

Many of the people involved with Tuesday’s event also help with year round programs, like the Gentleman’s Club that mentors young boys in Seaford. For more information about other programs for youth in Seaford, contact Jeffrey Benson via email at

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