Salisbury celebrates the completion of Phase 1 of Town Square project

SALISBURY, Md. – On Friday, the City of Salisbury celebrated the completion of Phase 1 of the Town Square project with a ribbon cutting.

Phase 1 involved the construction a food truck pad, the installation of new seating areas and the addition of new light poles right outside the downtown parking garage.

All of these new additions are expected to bring a lot more people to the downtown area.

Anthony Sessa, the Owner of Mr. Softee Food Truck said, “It brings the small businessmen into the city more and it gives everybody the opportunity to experience what they experience in New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago. It’s a great thing because you go into the country and come down into the city and experience two things in one place.”

Mayor Jake Day added, “We really want to orient this toward kids and families bringing people back towards the center, you know cultivating another generation of people that are invested in the heart of their city.”

Mayor Jake Day tells us construction on Phase 2 of the Town Square project is set to begin in the Spring of 2020.

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