Runaway Bride month kicks off in Berlin, 20th anniversary celebrated

BERLIN, Md. – It’s been 20 years since Julia Roberts and Richard Gere strolled through these streets in Berlin creating one of the most iconic romantic comedies to date.

“I’ve seen the movie like probably 10 times I’m big fans of Julia Roberts and Richard Gere,” said one visitor Frances Sudano.

And to commemorate the films 20th Anniversary, the coolest small town in America is celebrating the only way they know how. Offering a month full of all things Runaway Bride for residents and visitors, celebrating the moment this movie was filmed right here on the eastern shore.

“We thought you know what, we’re going to give the people what they want and they want to celebrate the movie so we’re going to do it up for it’s 20th anniversary,” said Economic and Community Development Coordinator Ivy Wells.

In honor of the anniversary, town officials offered free walking tours for anyone interested to learn some fun facts about one of their favorite movies.

“This is a great town, in fact the whole movie was filmed in Maryland entirely, even though there was a scene in New York City, it was actually filmed in Baltimore and I did not know that. I learned where the bridal shop was, which is the Victorian Charm shop, I learned where a lot of different places were,” said another visitor Sally Irwin.

Event organizers tell 47 ABC with the movie heading into it’s 20th year, they wanted to give people an experience they’d never forget.

“People come in and they just want to hear, ‘Hey did you get to meat Richard Gear? What’s Julia Roberts like? Can we see the house? Where was the bridal shop?” said Wells.

“It’s interesting to have that much history in Maryland ,” said Randy Hieronimus

And with all the unique charm that this town has to offer, Berlin is yet again ‘running away’ with everyone’s hearts.

“It brings more people in. And it’s part of the history of the town. There’s other movies that have been filmed here since then and I think the town is just coming alive,” said Sudano.





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