Queen Anne’s takes the air out of mass balloon releases

QUEEN ANNE’S CO., Md. – History was made in Queen Anne’s County Wednesday night, and it has local environmental activists feeling inspired.

The county is now the first in the state to outlaw mass balloon releases. County commissioners passed the ordinance unanimously, which prohibits the release of non-biodegradable helium balloons.

Activists have lobbied Salisbury, Wicomico and Worcester County in the past to pass a similar measure.

We’re told a local delegate has expressed interest in bringing this topic to Annapolis, but there still has been no movement in Worcester County, despite efforts by activists and the kids with Blumes Balloon Roundup.

“I think it is easier now that Queen Anne’s County has passed this ordinance for other counties to realize that it is an issue. It is an issue worthy of legislation or ordinance,” said local environmental activist Kerrie Bunting

Fines of up to $250 will be levied to those who deliberately violate this new ordinance in Queen Anne’s County.

We have reached out to Worcester County for a comment, but have not received a reply.

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