Program to encourage businesses to be eco-friendly rolls out in Salisbury

SALISBURY, Md. – The City of Salisbury is rolling out their new Green Business initiative to help make businesses in the area more environmentally friendly. It’s called the Green Business Certification program. City officials tell 47 ABC say the new program is encouraging businesses to voluntarily commit to making greener choices whether it’s using non plastic straws, compostable bags, energy efficient lights and more. Officials say the more eco-friendly choices these businesses make, the more points they get which elevates their certification level. Officials say this is a fun and inclusive way to help make the city more environmentally friendly and safer for the community.

“This is exciting to see these businesses take part in being better stewards of the environment, better stewards of their own resources and they’re own dollars and ultimately a better contributor to our community in terms of efficiency,” said Salisbury Mayor Jake Day.

Mayor Day adds that if you would like to sign your business up for this program you can do so here.

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