New North Dorchester High School unveiled


HURLOCK, Md. – In just a few short weeks, hundreds of students will be sitting at desks inside of North Dorchester High School and this is something that officials say has been a long time coming.

“This has been a conversation since I’ve been part of the North Dorchester community,” Jacqueline Sorrels, Principal of the new high school, said.

But what started as a conversation, is now a 116,000 square foot state-of-the-art high school, right here on the Eastern Shore.

“To have a learning facility in Dorchester County of this stature is just unbelievable,” David Bromwell, Superintendant, said.

A new school loaded with a brand new gym, new music rooms, even new furniture specifically designed to help students learn.

“What’s very obvious is that a happy student, a comfortable student, is usually going to do well when they’re in the classroom,” Bromwell said.

But it’s not just about what happens in the classrooms, the school is designed to give students space, and freedom, to learn in open spaces away from their desks.

“That’s really important, we need our young people to know how important it is to work together in a collaborative way and to communicate and to build bonds,” Sorrels said.

And while the students that will soon walk the halls will reap the benefits, the brand new school is also bringing a renewed sense of excitement to the entire community.

“Not only is it great for the county, the community, the students, but in this northern end of the county, being a lifelong resident Dorchester County, I can’t remember something like this being so important to the community,” Bromwell said.

It’s a feeling of pride for the entire North Dorchester High School community.

“New beginning, new beginning, we’re Eagle Nation, so we’re looking forward to opening up our doors to our community and beginning this new school year,” Sorrels said.

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