Local teachers use ‘Amazon Wish-List’ to get school supplies

SALISBURY, Md. – Teachers across Delmarva are also getting ready for the upcoming school year and are using popular websites like Amazon to make a wish list to help supply their classrooms. Teachers in Wicomico County tell 47 ABC that they often do have to pay for supplies for their students and their classroom with their own money. But it can often get expensive. Which is why teachers across the county have since made a wish list where they add items that they need for their classroom. And they usually send those wish lists to friends, family members, and often times other teachers who can, if they’re feeling generous, fulfill these teachers wishes to ensure they’re prepared for the start of school.

“It takes a little bit of the burden off of you, help you provide things whether it’s cleaning supplies, or flex seating materials. You can click on a local teacher’s list. A lot of times they will be under different sections, different counties, and you can just purchase them and send them a surprise,” said 2nd grade teacher at Glen Avenue Elementary School, Lyndsay Greenan.

And if you can’t give through amazon, you can also visit¬†https://www.teacherlists.com/ to get a full run down of what local teachers in Maryland are in need of, and how you can help.

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