Heroes in the House connects community with first responders

EASTON, Md. First responders in Easton are stepping up efforts to help bridge relationships within the community.

“We’re trying to get out and tell everyone how we respond to scenes, take care of sick and injured people and transport them to the hospital and try to do that within the golden hour,” said Sergeant Stephen Reuter at the Maryland State Police.

That is why on Sunday, the Easton Volunteer Fire Department and police put on their gear and showed families step-by-step how they will save victims from serious accidents at the Heroes in the House event.

At a serious accident, firefighters say they will first make sure that the cars are secure and then quickly grab the victims out of the vehicles safely.

“Also, at the same time, the paramedics would be checking on the status of the patient as far as how injured they are,” said the First Lieutenant at the Easton Volunteer Fire Department, Michael Ziegler.

Volunteer firefighters and police say saving lives can be a real challenge.

“Sometimes, there’s very minor injuries, and sometimes there is death involved,” said Ziegler.

“So, a first responder can go through a wide range of emotions at an accident scene,” said Ziegler.

So, they hope these kinds of events will help to show what they are required to do.

“Our whole thing was, know us before you need us, so to get the community out to meet the first responders and to understand what our jobs are,” said Micah Risher, a volunteer firefighter at the Easton Volunteer Fire Department.

First responders say that their ultimate goal is to ensure that the community is not afraid to ask for help while keeping everyone safe.

The Easton Police Department and the Maryland State Police also participated in this event on Sunday. Officers say they also hope to build trust and transparency within the community.

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