Frankford to revive their police department

FRANKFORD, Del. – The town of Frankford has been without a police department for almost two years, but that will be changing very soon.

Frankford town officials say they will finally be getting their own full time police officer to man the streets in one of their patrol cars. They say this has been the goal of the town council for the past three months, as they crafted their fiscal year budget.

Currently, Delaware State Police patrols the town for 15 hours a week.

Many residents we spoke with say this new officer is needed to keep their streets safe.

Annie Ford, a resident of Frankford for 57 years, said, “it has been a difference since the police left. And we have the state troopers come in, but they’re usually in the town of Frankford. But we need someone to monitor the side streets also.”

Others, like 41-year resident Jerry Smith, aren’t so happy. Hr says he isn’t sure if the money will be there for a police department long term, and worries that the buck will be passed to residents in the form of taxes.

“I just don’t believe the money is there and if there’s money there at this moment, the question is will it be there next year. And what do we do about that.”

Town council president Joanne Bacon says the money is there and residents will not see loss of service or tax increases, because Frankford found the funds by making cuts in the budget process.

But Smith says adding an officer should not be the town’s highest priority right now in his opinion, and instead, it should be adding business and growing the town’s revenue.

“We would then create the revenue to afford not only one police officer, but two more.”

Frankford has been working closely with retiring Dagsboro police chief Floyd Toomey on the process for hiring a full-time officer. We’re told the application for the job will be posted sometime this week or next week, and they are looking for someone who is certified with Delaware State Police and has eight years of experience.¬†Chief Toomey will also be conducting the interviews for Frankford.

Frankford officials say after one year they will determine if they can expand their department to include a second officer, which would be a part-time position.

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