Exclusive: Officer Wiersberg returns to work with Fruitland Police Department

FRUITLAND, Md. – What was once routine, is now an incredible milestone. Monday, Spencer Wiersberg walked through the front doors of the Fruitland Police Department, his first day back on the job since his diagnosis with Ewings-Sarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer, back in February.

The occasion was so special that his mom, Gerrie, even snapped a first day picture.

“This was a new beginning for him. To watch his face, to see the pride, to see the excitement, I knew my boy is going to be OK.”

“It was just him being a little kid in a candy shop, kind of, but it’s a kid getting to ride in his police car again,” said Spencer’s little sister Sam.

Spencer called Police Chief Brian Swafford on Sunday to let him know he would be coming back to work. This coming after a video was posted to the Wiersberg Warriors Facebook page, showing officers Wiersberg ringing the bell, symbolizing the end of radiation treatment.

For now, until he regains his weight and strength, Spencer will be inside the office, helping with the dispatch line.

“It’s not me out on the road, but answering the phones, doing dispatch, helping everybody else out is still a huge mental win for me.”

“He’s not all the way back to wearing his uniform, yet, which will be a really special day. But it’s a step in the right direction,” said Chief Swafford.

Though radiation is over, the battle continues. Spencer says after he regains his weight and strength, he will be back in his patrol car enforcing the law in Fruitland.

“I still have four rounds of chemo, and then a bone marrow transplant, so hopefully after the bone marrow settles in and everything, because that’s like a six week process, as well,” Wiersberg said. “So I’m hoping soon into early 2020.”

Spencer and his family say they are grateful for the amazing outpouring of support that has been shown by the community, because of course, No One Fights Alone.

“At the beginning of this we didn’t really know where to go. But then it all kind of started to happen, so we’re truly grateful,” Spencer said, right before getting back to answering the Fruitland PD dispatch line.

Following those four chemo sessions, Spencer will still need a bone marrow transplant. He has a donor lined up, his little sister Sam.

Spencer says that aside from his job, he is an outdoors man. He mentions missing hunting, fishing and working out.

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