Easton Police: Several armed robberies, similar suspects

EASTON, Md. – Easton Police are investigating four armed robberies and believe it or not two of them happened within 24 hours of each other. But investigators say they’re starting to pick up on similarities between the crimes.

“In all of these cases there are a lot of similarities to the suspect,” says Captain Gregory Wright, Deputy Chief with the Easton Police Department.

Easton Police are investigating two separate armed robberies that happened within just 24 hours of each other. The first one was at the Hampton Inn, just after midnight on Sunday.

“A person described as wearing all black approached the front door, realized it was locked, banged on the door and got the employees attention, pointed a handgun at the employee,” says Captain Wright.

The hotel employee didn’t open the door and that suspect ran away without stealing anything. The second was on Monday, again just after midnight, about a mile away from the hotel at Dunkin Donuts.

Police say a suspect walked up to an employee, outside by the dumpsters. “A person with a long gun demand that they go to the back of the store where he demanded money and the store employee gave him an undisclosed amount of money before he fled on foot,” says Captain Wright.

But that’s not all. Police tell 47 ABC, they’re also investigating two other similar armed robberies that happened within the last month: one on August 14th and another on July 27th. And police say there is a common description.

“There has been a variety of weapons displayed but there is a general pattern of demeanor and clothing described that they are wearing,” says Captain Wright. “Dark clothing, a ski mask or some other type of material to conceal his face and gloves.”

Officials say they’re working with other agencies to examine surveillance footage until the person or people responsible are caught. “Until we get these individuals in custody they are always going to be a threat to the public,” says Captain Wright.

Easton Police are telling business owners that if they are confronted by a robber — especially one that has a weapon — to comply with their demands. They say no amount of money is worth being hurt or even killed.

Easton Police say there were also three other armed robberies last year in July. That suspect was again described as a man wearing dark clothing, a mask and gloves.

If you think you have any information that might help police solve these armed robberies you’re asked to call the Easton Police Department at 410-822-1111.

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