Downtown businesses rejoice as vital intersection reopens

SALISBURY, Md. – You may have noticed that the orange cones and road closure signs have disappeared at the intersection of Main Street and Division in Salisbury to the delight of local businesses.

We spoke with some businesses on the downtown plaza and they say they’ve seen a difference, adding that having those cars coming through is a big help.

Jeremy Norton with Roadie Joe’s says while the vital intersection was closed he saw a noticeable loss in business, but thankful that the intersection is back up and running.

“The college is back, the weekends, the kids are going back to school. So the ability to have cars driving on the plaza might not seem like a lot, but people avoid construction. So knowing that it’s open is huge for us,” said Jeremy Norton, the owner of Roadie Joe’s.

This intersection could close again following the Folk Festival, but it is unclear if it will close entirely or one lane at a time.

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