DNREC confirms new tick in The First State

DELAWARE – DNREC has confirmed a new potentially dangerous tick has been identified in Delaware.

The Asian Longhorned Tick have made their way into Delaware, the twelfth state to confirm a sighting.

There’s the potential that the population of these ticks can explode because the female can lay eggs without a male, and can lay hundreds of eggs at once.

They’re also known to carry diseases that are hazardous to humans, livestock and wildlife. The range of this invasive tick species has spread quickly, and now includes Pennsylvania and Maryland, as well as New Jersey.

“Anytime you have a disease, especially for a stock animal, whether it’s a cow, cattle, milk cows, or sheep or goats, that sort of thing, it just reduces their vigor and it reduces their quality of life,” said Ginny Rosenkranz, with the University of Maryland Wicomico Extension.

If you find a tick and want to find out more information about it, freeze it and send it to the Delaware or Maryland Department of Agriculture for testing.

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