Discovering Your Wings with Andrea Martin

DOVER, Del. — This morning, 47 ABC’s Erica Murphy sat down with Andrea Martin who is the founder and CEO of Discovering My Wings, LLC.  Andrea was here on Good Morning Delmarva to discuss her upcoming, 3rd Annual Discovering My Wings event in Dover, Delaware. This will be a two-day event taking place on Friday, September 20th at 6 p.m. and Saturday, September 21st from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Modern Maturity Center in Dover.

Andrea, who is an international motivational speaker and certified life coach told Erica that this is an event with a purpose. She says she wants to help women soar like a butterfly and be who they were created to be. She relates this to how a caterpillar is born to become a beautiful soaring butterfly.

This is Andrea’s 3rd time doing an event like this, and from what she says, she has had exponential growth every year. Andrea told Erica that the first event, they had about 100 people to attend. She says now for the third year, they are expecting about 400 people.  All coming to get a life-changing experience.

One of the events moments that sticks out from Andrea’s event is the releasing of the live butterflies. She says it is a somewhat pivotal and symbolic moment for the women who attend her event. She says, “some women releasing the butterflies are releasing pain.” She compares it to moving on to the next phase of their lives. In her own words, she says it is a phenomenal experience.

Andrea tells Erica that tickets for the experience are $77. She also says that she sells t-shirts to wear to her experiences for $23. Altogether, you will pay $100 for two days of empowerment and unforgettable experience that is life changing.

For more information on the Discover My Wings Experience, ticketing and pricing, or if you want to book Andrea to speak at your next event, you can visit her website at

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