Abandoned building impacts Crisfield Crab Derby Parade

CRISFIELD, Md. – City officials say an abandoned building in Crisfield is bringing a major change to this year’s Crab Derby Parade

“It’s been abandoned,” said Crisfield City Manager, Rick Pollitt.

“It has been condemned,” said Pollitt.

The city’s decades-old parade will now move to Somerset Avenue this month after city officials say this historic building on West Main Street has presented a danger to the community.

“The roof has caved in, the roof is down to second floor, and it’s just not something we want to fool around with,” said Pollitt.

According to the Pollitt, the city is looking to demolish the building. Until then, the parade will not cross through this traditional route, which has some neighbors upset.

“They’re angry and upset because they like to keep things the way things always are,” said Crystal Rittenhouse, a Crisfield resident.

It is a change the Chamber of Commerce says will take a toll on local businesses that depend on events like the parade to thrive.

“The change in route certainly has affected the local business because we’re actually going more in town away from the established business points unfortunately,” said the Chamber of Commerce President, Buddy Ward.

So, city officials say they are doing all they can, but right now they simply do not have the resources to take action.

“The problem is, the city has absent the owner’s cooperation and the city has to front up the costs for tearing the building down carrying the debris away and then restoring it to a safe site and our budget doesn’t provide us,” said Pollitt.

“That building is coming down one way or another,” said Pollitt.

Despite this year’s route change, some neighbors say they hope to see their parade back on West Main Street next year.

Pollitt said that they have applied for grant money to get the funds necessary to demolish the building. He said the city is also dealing with several other abandoned buildings they want to see demolished in the future.

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