Wicomico Co. Council fails to replace District 2 opening

WICOMICO CO., Md. РThe replacement for former Wicomico County Councilmember Marc Kilmer is still up in the air. On Tuesday,  Wicomico County Council was set to vote on who will represent District 2, but that vote ended in a tie.

The council came to a 3-3 tie on two of the pre-approved replacements, Joe Collins and Austin Whitehead.

President John Cannon tells 47 ABC, “There were no more amendments put forward for any other appointees, so with a 3-3 tie unfortunately the resolution was voted down and that’s where we are today.”

Which means it’s pretty much back to square one for the council, a move that local residents aren’t too happy about.

“Many in the community are frustrated and I imagine particularly those residents that are in District 2, which I formally resided in in regards to the non-selection of the four qualified candidates that were forwarded to the councilmembers,” says Wicomico County resident Donnie Waters.

Cannon tells 47 ABC it’s a ‘terribly unfortunate set of circumstances’ but he’s confident despite Tuesday’s turnout that council will be able to agree on Kilmer’s replacement.

“This is completely uncharted territory so I’m going to pursue that whereas we go back to Republican Central Committee and ask them for a continued further recommendation so we can bring this back again before July 30th.”

The four pre-approved candidates brought forth to the council are registered with the Board of Elections as Wicomico County residents, but Cannon says there is some concern about their residency. The candidates are Joe Collins, Austin Whitehead, Nicole Acle, and Julie Brewington.



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