Visitors from across the world travel to Chincoteague for the 94th annual Pony Swim

CHINCOTEAGUE, Va. – From Texas to Pennsylvania, Norway to Switzerland, thousands of people across the world came to see these ponies swim from Assateague Island all the way to Chincoteague.

“It’s an absolutely beautiful day and everybody here is just having fun,” said Julia Robinson, a visitor from Harrisburg, PA.

Whether it was trekking through the the mud or climbing trees, die hard pony fans did whatever it took to catch a glimpse of the  ponies making their way through the water.

Kjetil Visnes, a visitor all the way from Norway said, “The winning pony came straight at me so I had a bit of a stroke of luck there.”

For some, the pony swim is a family tradition that they’ve been taking part in for years.

“I brought my grandchildren here about 15 years ago. This is wonderful it’s history,” said Robinson.

But for others, it was the first time that they’d seen anything like it.

“This is my first time, probably my only given where I live too but this was really nice. We were passing this way and I Googled what’s to do here and then I came across this and I realized we were passing through here the same exact day of the pony swim,” said Visnes.

And whether you’re young or old, big or small the pony swim was a breathtaking experience that will last for all.

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