Virginia Space reveals new multi-million dollar payload processing facility

WALLOPS ISLAND, VA. – Thursday proved to be a monumental day for Wallops Island as Virginia Space has officially revealed their brand new state of the art payload processing facility.

Virginia Space Executive Director Dale Nash explains, “I’ve been thinking about getting a payload processing facility, a new world class payload processing facility here at Wallops since I arrived in August 2012.”

And after $31 million and 18 months of construction that day is finally here.

“Just to see the technology as it’s evolved and the great things that are going on right here on the Eastern Shore is really just an exciting day for me to be back,” says Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam.

It’s a massive facility that will soon house companies from all over to complete their final tests before launching into space.

Nash explains, “A payload processing facility is to a spaceport what an operating room is to a hospital. It’s where you do all your critical procedures, it’s highly clean and in our case highly secure processing of satellites.”

And now that Virginia has this one stop shop facility on site, it’s bringing in more launches, customers and jobs to the Eastern Shore.

“This is really just a shot in the arm economically not only for the Eastern Shore of Virginia but also all of Virginia,” says Northam.

“It is already paying dividends. We have a couple of missions out of here already and many more coming they could get up to one a month coming through here.”

It’s an investment for the future and one that’s putting the Eastern Shore of Virginia back on the map once again.

“Just the payloads they’re now taking into space now, satellites I mean all of the things that are our future and for them to be happening here on the Eastern Shore is just very commendable and very exciting.”

Plus, Virginia Space isn’t done with this space just yet, they have more plans for this site so they can continue to expand their reach into national airspace.

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