Suspect arrested for alleged homicide in Crisfield

CRISFIELD, Md. – Neighbors in Crisfield are still in shock after an alleged argument between 26-year-old Darryl Merrill and Bobby Tenner turned deadly.

“It was just a senseless killing,” said Sherree Whitelock, a Crisfield resident.

“It was just an argument, a senseless argument and to have your life taken like that at so young,” said Whitelock.

According to Crisfield Police they found Merrill dead lying in a yard with a gun shot wound to his head and immediately began to search for Tenner who they say ran away after the shooting.

“It’s scary right here on the other side, and I mean there is a lot of elderly people here also and you’re afraid to walk out your door,” said Whitelock, “You don’t know what you’re going to walk into.”

Early Saturday morning with guns drawn police surrounded a home in the area after getting a tip that Tenner was inside. A few minutes later with neighbors watching Tenner was arrested and taken into custody.

“Once in a while something happens there, but it happens basically everywhere in all communities, but it’s mostly quiet back here,” said Wayne Horsey, a Crisfield resident.

Shortly after the arrest, police and firefighters were also seen pulling something out of the ground. Although unconfirmed, neighbors say Tenner had thrown his gun down a storm drain Friday after running away.

“It’s scary,” said Whitelock, “It really is and you don’t expect something like that to happen around here you know?”

Neighbors say they hope Crisfield Police will step up efforts to keep this community safer. After the arrest the suspect Bobby Tenner was taken to the Crisfield Police Department for questioning.

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