Substance abuse facility opens in Dover

DOVER, Del. – “An addiction it’s learning things all over again like a child learning how to walk,” said Sandy Marks, a Dover resident.

Marks is one of many across the country battling opioid addiction. She says the new expansion of the NorthNode Group in Dover was needed.

“They give you the education to understand not only the addiction, but the disease,” said Marks, a client at the NorthNode Group.

On Wednesday, the NorthNode Group became the first black-owned, managed and operated state licensed substance abuse facility in Delaware, according to members.

“We’re joining the fight with the opioid crisis,” said the NorthNode Group Executive Director, Alex Cropper.

“Of course that’s an epidemic that’s being labeled national emergency,” said Cropper.

A few years ago the group only served kids, but now they are set on a mission.

“So being able to encounter some of the embattled adults that’s broken down that’s been going through things for years get a handle of that,” said Cropper.

People will have access to things like mental health services, counseling, treatment planning and more. They are things that the Clinic Administrator Angela Robinson says will help this community get back on their feet.

“We are hoping to set a precedence within the community in order to attract those that are in need of substance abuse and alcohol treatment along with mental health counseling,” said Robinson.

Marks says that some people are afraid to ask for this kind of help until they have nothing left.

“Not knowing where you’re going to get your next bite to eat, not knowing where you’re going to wake up tomorrow, that’s rock bottom,” said Marks.

So, places like this facility are joining the fight.

The NorthNode Group will also offer group therapy and access to programs that will help people stay sober.

There will also be community events happening these next few months that will provide more resources to those who need it.

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