Spreading Kindness: one woman’s mission to change the east coast arrives in Salisbury

SALISBURY, Md. – 22 random acts of kindness in 22 different states over 22 days. That’s the misison of one lady who is trying to spread kindness across the east coast.

Chris Lowe is the woman behind Fall Forward Across America, and she was in Salisbury Wednesday at The Acorn Market

Her inspiration is to help prevent suicide after her son, who would’ve been 22, took his own life two years ago.

Her random acts of kindness include giving away free water bottles, helping to throw a giant birthday party for homeless in Cincinnati, and laying flowers at grave sites at Arlington National Cemetery.

“I feel like the more people that are kind, the more people that suffering or struggling, or thinking anything bad or negative, that it will just uplift them. And maybe if I just do an act of kindness, then that person does an act of kindness, and pretty soon we’ll just be across the country and everyone will be a little more kind,” Lowe said after arriving in downtown Salisbury.

Her act of kindness Wednesday included handing out bracelets and headbands, and spreading her message.

If you want to follow Chris on her journey, you can do so here.

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