Softball Tournament to Raise Money for Veterans Hunt, Dinner

Hebron, Md.-Hassler’s Helping Hands is holding their 2nd annual softball tournament to raise money to aid local veterans fill their stomachs and have some fun.

Roy Hassler, president and founder of Hassler’s Helping Hands says he felt veterans deserve better than the way they’re treated and he found a way to do what he felt is his duty.

“To me, it is kind of a duty to do what I do,” he said. ” I give up a lot of stuff to do what I do, I’m just trying to do things for them that the government can’t do for them.”

The veterans we spoke to at Saturday’s softball tournament praised Hassler saying he puts his heart and soul into giving back to them.

With several thousand dollars going to feed, clothe and arm the veterans for their hunt, Hassler says it’s all dependent on people’s generosity.

After the tournament ends on Sunday, the September dinner is still to come which, according to several people we talked to raises the most amount of money for the organization.

Many vets say they love the opportunity to go out into the woods with some claiming it has therapeutic benefits.

“Any chance you have to get away from the hospital is amazingly recuperative to that person,” Chad Doncaster, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran said. “It’s peaceful, when you go out in the woods, there’s nothing like it because its quiet, you’re back in nature and it’s just peace.”

Hassler says he expects to have over 200 people attend his dinner this September, which more than doubles last year’s attendance.

If you would like to learn how to help Hassler’s Helping Hands, you can visit their Facebook page for more information.



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