Seaford PD taking over School Resource Officer program

SEAFORD, Del. – For the first time Seaford Police officers will be in charge of keeping Seaford schools safe, taking over the responsibility from Delaware State Police. It’s another step the department is taking to connect with their community, starting with the youth.

Police Chief Marshall Craft says it is important for his department to bridge the gap with the youth in his city. And one of the best ways to do that is to take over the School Resource Officer program.

Seaford resident, and parent of a Seaford High School senior, Elvis Batson, agrees that this is a good development for the community.

“This is always a good thing, to know the police on a first-name basis.”

The agency already has lofty goals for implementing programs at the schools, ones that address things like cyber bullying, suicide and opioid prevention.

They also want to expand their programs to life outside of the classroom, proposing a ‘Road Rules and Rights’ program that would teach constitutional law, so that when students interact with officers they know what’s expected of them as well as the officer.

“So if an officer violates their rights, or if they think the officer violated their rights. They’re going to have an idea of what that is and actually how to report that,” Craft said.

Aside from making connections in the community, Chief Craft tells 47ABC that having his own officers behind the district’s school walls will help with response time in case any emergencies happen during school hours.

“I think we can provide much better service because there’s 27 people, we have a whole compliment of folks across the street here,” said Craft.

The officers have already gotten a head start, we’re told they have been working with the Boys and Girls Club to start building those relationships before the school year gets underway.

The department adds that they will also be having a glow ride the first Saturday in August to help get the kids in the community trained on the proper way to ride bikes around the city.

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