Salisbury gospel singer takes talents to BET’s ‘Sunday Best’

SALISBURY, Md. – “I’m just grateful to God that I have a community that supports me and is behind me 100% ,” said Josh Copeland.

From singing in the youth choir, to singing in front of some of the most well known Gospel singers to date. Josh Copeland is hoping to win the coveted title of “Sunday Best” and land himself a national recording contract.

“I’m just excited, I cherish every moment of this situation because it’s precious.”

Copeland made his TV debut on Sunday where millions of Americans tuned in to the newly returned singing competition. But it was his wife who pushed him to try again after he failed to make it through during a previous audition years back.

“I just felt that he would make it through if he tried out again. I just wanted the world to know who he was and to hear the gift that God has given him,” said Tamekia Copeland.

During his audition it didn’t take long for the judges to fall in love with Copeland after he sang the hymn ‘I need Thee’, and blew them away.

“I chose to do that song because that’s just my prayer. That’s my daily prayer. God I need you, I can’t do anything without the Lord and that’s why I chose that song,” said Copeland.

And his family watched. Cheering him on every step of the way.

“When they saw him on TV they’re like “Daddy’s on TV!” And they’re trying to sing that song that he was singing,” said Tamekia.

And as he heads into the next round of the competition, Copeland tells 47 that even if he doesn’t make it all the way thorough, he’s just blessed to have had the opportunity to share his gift with the world. Copeland adds that he’ll be flying back to Atlanta Georgia for the next round of the competition this Sunday.There, he’ll compete in his first challenge and will duel against another contestant. That will air this Sunday on BET at 8 PM.




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