Salisbury business gathering data on medical cannabis


SALISBURY, Md. – A locally owned business is taking the extra step to try and find out how effective medical cannabis is for patients in the state of Maryland.

Peninsula Alternative Health just launched their first online patient survey, for anyone using medical cannabis in the state. The survey asks how patients use the medicine including what dosages they use and what strains they use, to deal with certain illnesses. The company’s CEO says this informal survey is a way to get information about an industry that everyone is still learning about as it becomes more mainstream.

“It’s really about strategically getting a better system in place to start collecting data on patients. One of the biggest things we struggle with, in the cannabis industry, is the lack of formal testing that they have in the pharmaceutical industry. It’s self-admittedly a grass roots effort but it’s our small effort of starting to compile data,” says Anthony Darby, CEO of Peninsula Alternative Health (PAH).

To find PAH’s first monthly survey about medical cannabis and insomnia: click here.

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