Rony Baltazar-Lopez makes history in Milford School District

MILFORD, Del. – People are taking education in Delaware to the next level.

Just a few days ago Rony Baltazar-Lopez became the first Latino to join the Milford School Board and the first in Sussex County to take this type of position.

“Coming on board to the school and becoming the first Latino I think it’s a big structural change that needed to be implemented or at least pursued,” said Baltazar-Lopez.

“To have more of that being represented so each person is thought of and valued I think that’s wonderful,” said Angie Oday, a Milford resident.

Oday says the decision to bring a Latino on board is long overdue.

She says the diversity of immigrant in Milford is huge.

“We have a fluctuate of neighbors on our street alone of mixed nationalities and they’re wonderful people, neighbors and I think that other people just don’t give them a chance,” said Oday.

So, Baltazar-Lopez says he wants to bring more things like mentorship, bilingual staff and counseling that can help these families integrate into society.

“We need to be able to present what we’re doing in the schools in an effective way, which means communicating to our families in Spanish or through bilingual methods, so that they’re aware of their children’s progress and that we’re actually creating a bridge,” said Baltazar-Lopez.

Milford High School Assistant Principal Rene Diaz says Baltazar-Lopez represents a new beginning in Sussex County.

“I think that in the next five or ten years we’re going to see a big difference and we’re going to see a lot of those students coming back as professionals and helping out the community,” said Diaz.

Educators say they will continue to push for changes so that all students get a fair shot at life.

Baltazar-Lopez says he grew up in Milford and became the first in his family to get a college diploma. He says his family came from Central America to the U.S. for a better life.

Baltazar-Lopez adds he is excited to take on his new job while bringing new changes to the Milford School District.

He also hopes to inspire young Latinos to becomes leaders in their community.

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