Report shows potentially dangerous bacteria levels in OC

OCEAN CITY, Md. – A new report, released by Environment America Research and Policy Center, says that Ocean City beaches had eight potentially unsafe days in 2018 due to high bacteria levels.

“It’s gross, it’s nasty, I don’t want to swim in the ocean that has fecal matter or poop in it,” one visitor, Jake Auman, said.

“I have a little cut on my finger, and I thought about that as I got in the water to be honest with you,” another visitor, Brenda Benson, said.

But officials say there’s no need to worry.

“If you have a cut, I personally would not be worried about it and I think that our Oceanside is very safe,” Kathy Phillips with Assateague Coastal Trust said.

And that, despite this report, ocean city beaches are safe and clean

“In all the years that we’ve been monitoring it is very rarely that the county has had an elevated level of bacteria,” Phillips said.

But, to be safe, Phillips says one simple app, The Swim Guide, can give people peace of mind.

“You open it up and it’ll give you a green or red flag and let you know if that particular beach or that particular creek that you want to recreate in is safe or has elevated levels of bacteria,” she explained.

And despite some potential scares of bacteria in the ocean, plenty of people in Ocean City are enjoying the water.

“I think everybody knows it’s there, but I just prefer to not think about it because I still want to go and enjoy myself,” Jenna DeVito, a visitor, said.

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